Comment découper vos Dungeon Craft

How to Cut Your Dungeon Craft


It's okay, you have received your freshly packaged Dungeon Craft from us and you are wondering: "How do I cut my Dungeon Craft?" As experts, we know the best tactics for carving up your Dungeon Craft and know how to do it without shedding enough sweat to summon forces beyond us.

Tools to use


Dungeon Craft Cutting Scissors

The simplest and most used method for cutting Dungeon Craft is with good old scissors. Since there are a lot of pieces to cut out in front of you, I recommend that you bring scissors that fit your hand and start a good podcast or sit down in front of your favorite RPG streamer.

Paper opener

If you really want to save time and don't trust your shaky hands, get a straight-edged letter opener. Make yourself comfortable, make yourself a little coffee, and let's go! Just be careful not to go crazy and cut too many pieces in half. I know we can get carried away quickly, but there will be no second chance...

Since paper cutters aren't as common as scissors, I recommend going to your local DIY store. They will be able to advise you! I don't recommend looking at other things during your cutting sessions; favor podcasts, or sit outside and enjoy the birdsong!

Cutting machine

You know that thing that looks like a printer? No, don't you see? Well me neither! But I heard that with a little patience, it can be programmed, and why not for cutting Dungeon Craft! If you succeed, don't hesitate to share your achievement with us. We are curious to see that!

How to cut

Dungeon Craft Monsters 2D

To cut out the pieces, follow the dotted lines or dark black lines surrounding the illustration. However, be careful not to cut the grid, which is marked by thin continuous lines.

As long as you don't make a puzzle with the buildings or decapitate the characters, you should be fine. Or do it if you want, after all, it's yours. Let your imagination be free !

Remember, this activity is meant to be fun, so don't take it too seriously and don't cut out your hundreds of illustrations in one go. Or, kill yourself to have the most perfect Dungeon Craft there is. Everyone has fun in their own way.

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