Collection: Ecological commitments

Ecology is one of the foundational pillars of The Hoard. When building this company, we wanted to create a way for our fellow players and ourselves to improve their gaming experience without having to rely on products made on the other side of the world, with no quality control whatsoever, and a huge ecological impact if only by getting delivered to Europe by plane.

As such, we have imposed ourselves to follow strict guidelines from the very beginning of The Hoard:

  1. Curate products for their longevity: this is not only something we do for the environment, but also for our customers. We strive on selling only long-lasting products which will be reusable time and time again, and be useful to you in different campaigns, or even different games, for years and years.
  2. Entirely ban animal materials from our products: we use only vegan materials (the main complexity here being high-quality dice trays which are often made with Suede)
  3. Prioritize products manufactured in Europe: by sourcing our products from Europe directly, we can drastically reduce the ecological impact of getting those products in the hands of our European customers by banning plane transportation from our supply chain
  4. Build our logistics around partners with strong CSR commitments: we partner with Raja and Clic Logistic to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact of our logistic.
  5. Prioritize recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible: we do not have control on the sourcing of all products we sell, but among those we manufacture ourselves we try to use only recycled and recyclable materials, even if it means a slightly lower margin for us.