Tired of drawing castles in your RPG?

Create battle maps in the blink of an eye with Dungeon Craft Castles & Dungeons, the ultimate scenery box for all the strongholds of your role-playing game.

What other players think

  • Great gear

    Excellent material I am very happy my players will be able to play in a magnificent castle during our next game!
    Rapid dispatch
    THANKS !

  • Castles and dungeons

    The quality of the product is remarkable, the life brought to the RPG table makes the games very immersive. The complete collection is superb!

  • Castles

    On dungeons it gives a lot of life! I highly recommend

Practical & durable

All our Dungeon Craft scenery pieces and all our Battlemaps are:

  • water resistant,
  • reversible,
  • compatible with dry and wet erase markers (like Velleda),
  • made on 14pt card stock

Complete & versatile

Dungeon Craft Castles & Dungeons contains settings for all indoor and outdoor scenes, whether your stronghold is that of a magnanimous king or a tyrant. No matter the situation, you can create a beautiful and dynamic battle map in less than 5 minutes .

Abundant with life

Dozens of monsters, creatures, NPCs and beasts are also included in your Dungeon Craft Castles & Dungeons box so you can role-play every situation in your game.

Buy the Battlemaps that go with your Dungeon Craft box and save 10% !

Battlemaps are the background to your battle maps. Measuring 61cm x 84cm, squared, they feature textures that coordinate perfectly with Dungeon Craft.

The Dungeon Craft Castles & Dungeons scenery pieces are matched with the Clay & Swamp and Town Battlemaps , for all your adventures in nature, in town or in a dungeon.