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Printable D&D 5e Spell Cards: Sorcerer

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Keep all your arcane knowledge at your fingertips with these 5E-compatible Sorcerer spell cards . The content of these cards comes from the official translation of the Dungeons & Dragons SRD by Wizards of the Coast into French , available for free here .

In addition to the spells below, this game contains fillable blank cards in PDF format for all your other spells!

This card game contains all the Sorcerer spells: Enlarge/Reduce, Characteristic Improvement, Object Animation, Deceptive Appearance, Mage's Armor, Time Stop, Acid Spray, Banishment, Shield, Poison Puff, Fireball, Delayed Fireball, Windstorm, Deadly Mist, Circle of Death, Teleportation Circle, Plane Shift, Charm Person, Chain Lightning, Clairvoyance, Blink, Understanding Languages, Confusion, Freezing Touch, Counterspell, Dancing Colors, Hit, Creation, Blindness/Deafness, Cone of Cold, Dispel Magic, Finger of Death, Monster Domination, Person Domination, Animal Domination, Gift of Tongues, Unlock, Disguise, Disintegration, Detect Magic, Detect Invisibility, Detect Thoughts, Lightning Bolt , Sunburst, Prismatic Spray, Dead Leaf, Blur, Insect Blight, Withering, Gas Form, Ethereal Form, Misty Stride, Shattering, Landslide, Globe of Invulnerability, Haste, Minor Illusion, Major Image, Mirror Image , Silent Image, Monster Hold, Person Hold, Gravity Reversal, Invisibility, Supreme Invisibility, Slowness, Light, Daylight, Dancing Lights, Levitation, Mage's Hand, Burning Hands, Wave Walking, Evil Eye , Message, Appearance Change, Deadly Power Word, Stunning Power Word, Hypnotic Pattern, Wall of Fire, Stone Wall, Metamorphosis, Sheet of Fog, Incendiary Cloud, Noxious Cloud, Meteor Swarm, Spider Legs, Stone Skin, Electric Grip, Portal, Dimensional Door, Prestidigitation, Magic Projectile, Protection from Energy, Burning Ray, Frost Ray, Sunbeam, Rapid Retreat, Water Breathing, Repair, Jump, Simulacrum of Life, Sleep, Wish, Suggestion, Group Suggestion, Firestorm, Hailstorm, Snowstorm, Terror, Spider Web, Fire Bolt, Earthquake, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Darkness, Thundering Wave, Darkvision, Vision supreme, flight

Regular price 7,95 €
Regular price Sale price 7,95 €
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