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D&D 5e - Beyond Witchlume Carnival

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Beyond the Witchlume Carnival, explore the Faerie Plane in this adventure for D&D

Once every eight years, the fantastic Witchlight Carnival descends on your world to bring joy to every village. Its owners, Monsieur Sorcière and Monsieur Lumière, have mastered the art of spectacle. But this grandiose festival hides many mysteries!

The carnival serves as a gateway to a realm of Faerie far different from anything the Material Plane can offer. Time, however, has not been kind to this kingdom; Dark days await him if no one thwarts the machinations of the Hourglass assembly.

A mischievously whimsical adventure for the world's oldest role-playing game

Beyond Witchlight Carnival , designed for characters levels 1-8, takes carnival adventurers to Prismeer, a realm of delight in Faerie. This book includes a large fold-out map that displays Carnival on one side and Prismeer on the other.
  • Explore the Faerie Plane in this official D&D adventure, the first to take place primarily in Faerie.
  • The adventure begins in the campaign world chosen by the DM. The Witchlume Carnival, the means by which the characters will enter Faerie, can easily be integrated into any campaign setting.
  • Adds two new character histories: the Faerie Stray (for PCs who grew up in Faerie) and the Fairy Fairy (for those who work within the carnival).
  • Presents two races: play a fadette or a conil (a type of humanoid rabbit).
  • For each encounter in the adventure, players will have the opportunity to avoid combat by giving pride of place to reflection and interactions.
  • Illustrious characters from the 80s make their return, including Affreduche, Coeur-valillant and Kelek.
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