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The Threat of the Swamp | Adventure for D&D 5e

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Discover Fort-Boueux, a small village located in heart of a gigantic swamp. Living conditions there are harsh, and to survive, its inhabitants have had to make compromises, and made a deal... which they are beginning to regret. They could use the help of a courageous group, ready to face the swamp creatures to free them from this terrible yoke.

The Threat of the Swamp is a one-shot adventure (finishable in a single session) for D&D 5e, written by Threat Factory . It is made for 4 level 1 characters, who should progress to level 2 with this quest; but it can easily accommodate up to 6 players. It can be used as an introduction to Dungeons & Dragons 5e, a step in the life of an existing group, or even as the first adventure in a campaign of your creation.

By purchasing this adventure you will receive:

  • the complete PDF of the adventure in French and English
  • 4 pre-printed character sheets, made for adventure, illustrated by Zapatrax
  • a printable battlemap in A3 format for tactical combat scenes in the swamps
  • magnificent illustrations of the places and creatures encountered during the adventure

Finally, the 3D models of the creatures in this adventure are available in STL format on the Threat Factory MyMiniFactory store (in addition to the adventure itself).

Regular price 9,95 €
Regular price Sale price 9,95 €
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